The Women’s March: Uniting Diverse Communities

In 2017, the Women’s March originated as a response to Donald Trump’s Presidency. Since then, the March has grown into a global, grassroots movement that calls for respect, diversity and inclusion for all. Annually, diverse groups march together and unify based on the shared principle that women’s rights are human rights, and that those rights deserve to be recognized and protected.

Women’s Marches give diverse communities the opportunity to unite in the shared fight for human rights. Through mobilizing the political power of women, social change can, and will, happen.

These marches fight for:

  • Rights & Protections for Various Groups
    (People of Colour, LGBT+ community, Workers, Immigrants)
  • Inclusive Health Care
  • Reproductive Freedom
  • Economic Security

Intersectionality and inclusivity play a major role in the Women’s March, which is why so many diverse communities get involved. Here are some of the various activists and groups who participate, and the issues they specifically highlight:

  • Race & Gender Activists
    • Racial profiling & Police brutality
    • Criminal justice inequalities
    • Violence against women
    • (Specific focus on the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women)

  • LGBTQ+ Community
    • Homophobia & Transphobia
    • Gender norms & expectations
  • Reproductive Activists
    • Access to quality health care services
    • Birth control
    • Inclusive sex-ed
  • (Dis)ability Activists
    • Barriers to access, inclusion & independence
  • Workers
    • Pay equity
    • Right to organize
    • Advocate for undocumented & migrant workers
    • Solidarity with sex workers
  • Immigrant Rights Groups
    • No human being is illegal
    • Advocate for immigrants & refugees
  • Environmental Groups
    • Right to clean water & air
    • Protect land & natural resources
    • Against corporate exploitation

These diverse communities and groups ultimately aim to uplift, expand and protect women’s rights unifying based on diversity. These marches are bringing awareness to issues affecting women questioning oppressive systems and institutions and actively fighting for a better future.

The Women’s March is this upcoming Saturday, January 19th, and the theme this year is “Ending Violence Against Women”. All across Canada, marches are being organized as a way to show solidarity for issues affecting women. Take action and show your support by attending a local event.

Check out the link below to find a march in your area!