What is a community? What does it mean to belong to one, and more importantly, why are communities so valuable?

Communities are often understood as a group of people with common interests, who usually share a feeling of camaraderie. Often times, we can belong to multiple communities that coincide with our various identity markers; whether that be based on race, religion, sexuality, or even one’s occupation.

What’s even more powerful than being part of a community, is when all those seemingly divergent groups join together to form an even larger bond.

There is a power inherent in community bonds that we can utilize for positive action. Within the past few months, we have seen an abundance of diverse groups coming together in support of the same causes. People of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, ages and abilities have become a collective in the fight against certain policies.

Recently, the people of Ontario have joined together to mutually reject numerous changes; whether that be to education sector cuts, autism program changes, or even towards certain health care ‘modifications’.

When communities join forces, their voices are not only louder and more likely to be heard, but are also more likely to produce positive changes. By merging into a collective with a shared purpose, it’s revealed just how essential mutual support is when fighting for a cause. The sheer number of this group is enough to garner people’s attention.

Unions are an outstanding example of bringing various communities together. Labour organizations create a community of workers who can rely on one another to fight for common causes. In light of the recent policy changes and budget cuts, Unions have been heavily involved in community protests, using their strong voice to push for change. Besides releasing a joint statement condemning certain changes, Unions have also attended multiple rallies to show their support (i.e. No Cuts to Education, Protest against Autism Program Changes, Student Walk Out).

Union Marketing helps labour groups mobilize by offering a variety of services that foster productive action. In order to influence different groups and policies, we utilize a variety of platforms and technologies to spread important messages that foster both community support and power.

Unions bring together diverse communities under the shared umbrella of labour, and ultimately end up branching out their support to various groups and causes. It just goes to show how undeniably powerful our impact can be, when we join together in solidarity.