Need assistance connecting with your members and spreading your message on a wider scale? Social media is the platform and solution you’ve been looking for.

Social media not only helps you connect with your members instantly; it allows you to engage with them on platforms they’re already using daily. Popular online platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, can help you build an online community and base of loyal supporters. This translates into increased attendance at union meetings and events, and leads to improved engagement with union activities and campaigns.

If you need to get a message across fast, social media provides multiple avenues to instantly broadcast your message to thousands of your members at once with little effort. Better yet, social media is cost-effective, leaving you with funds that could better serve the dedicated members of your union.

Want to influence public perception or build a better bond with the communities your members serve in? Social media can help you connect with an audience beyond your membership, allowing you to build a base of supporters within your own community.

If you’re in need of a solution that allows you the ability to better connect with your members and community, look no further. Social media is your all-in-one online tool to building a better, more unified membership.

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