Threats of privatization have always loomed in the background of Canada, and yet lately, these threats are a budding reality. These worries that were once far-fetched are suddenly being brought to fruition in a rapid and increasingly disturbing way.

Intrinsically tied to concerns of privatization, is how labour will change. How will workers fare in a system that seeks to cut jobs and make room for corporate profit? The fact that the health care system, as well as other services for mental health and behavioural issues, is being targeted should make every community, and organized labour group, worried.

How will unions fit into the privatized sector? We already know public sector rates of unionization are 76.3%, compared to 14.6% in the private sector. There is an obvious concern that privatization will push unions out, making room for a slew of workplace issues, including labour rights abuses.

The question comes up time and time again when changes are made to publicly financed systems – what will be next? What service, or sector will be targeted next?

Systems are easy to implement and yet are so difficult to dismantle, which means the time for action is now. Workers must come together as a collective and fight against increased privatization, for the good of the entire labour movement, and for the sustainability of our communities. It’s important that labour organizations fight to keep jobs in the hands of the public, in order to ensure more accessible, and more reliable, services for everyone.
That’s why Union Marketing offers a multitude of services that help encourage productive labour action. Whether it’s a traditional or digital form of communication, our organization helps unions build both internal and external support, while also playing an integral role in helping unions reach their objectives. Our goal is to work collaboratively with any labour organization for the betterment of workers everywhere.

Despite privatization seeming like a distant, dystopian concept unbeknownst to Canada, it’s traction is growing. The issue is becoming time-sensitive, as every day there seems to be a new article discussing the impending introduction of privatized [insert service here]. The labour movement has always been a voice for the future, and right now, it’s important workers organize to protect that future. Workers must fight against destructive changes that would hurt their communities and their workforce.