I recently had the opportunity to cover the #OntarioWeWant Rally, part of an initiative kick-started by the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) drawing awareness to the austerity crisis occurring across Ontario. For me, attending this rally was more than just an assignment. It was a personal badge of honour.

As I stood in the middle of the crowd, I just couldn’t help but feel the energy as, one-by-one, leaders of attending unions walked up to the podium and spoke loudly against cuts and privatization.

I got to witness the power of solidarity and how it can quickly and effectively envelope one’s psyche. I saw first-hand how it can break down walls and pierce even the thickest of barriers, proving – yet again – that when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, a union member needn’t look any further than right beside himself/herself. Chances are when the going gets tough, you can be sure a fellow brother or sister is standing right there with you, shoulder to shoulder.

I urge anyone who has never attended a rally before to do so. It’s not only our duty as unionized employees; it’s our duty as patrons of equality. We need to show our unwavering support against austerity and anything that attempts to threaten our way of life. For more information on the rally discussed in this blog, please visit http://ofl.ca/index.php/rallyagainstausterity/