Material meets Digital: How Promotional Products can unite members in the Digital Age

With digital communication options soaring in popularity, the idea of promotional products seems to have gone stale. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Through Union Marketing-run online shops and production of promotional products, your union can offer members promotional items customized to their tastes that are always in tune with current campaigns and events.

Promotional products can:

  • Increase campaign and cause exposure;
  • Engage members digitally through connected online posts and product designs;
  • Unite union members through union pride and solidarity; and
  • Share the message of unions and their members.

Even more beneficial – promotional products are reusable, which means that they serve as an endless form of campaign advertising and message sharing that will give you the best bang for your union’s buck.

Union-branded promotional products can visually and verbally express what matters most to your members and the union in an engaging way. After all, who says hashtags are only for social media? Keep the conversation going!