Respect OTS Campaign

The ETFO Toronto occasional teachers (ETFO Toronto OTs) wanted to draw awareness to the lack of respect occasional teachers regularly face on the job. Union Marketing worked with the ETFO Toronto OTs to create an awareness campaign that would emphasize the issue and encourage open discussion about growing a culture of respect in schools.


Union Marketing worked with the ETFO tor OTS to create a cartoon showcasing the common issues occasional teachers face on a day-to-day basis. The cartoon included a call to action, encouraging fellow teachers and community members to start a conversation about respect in schools.


A custom campaign website was developed to serve as a central hub of information for those interested in learning more. The website also included a call-to-action, prompting those visiting the site to share a story or start a dialogue about respect for OTS.

Community Forum

A community forum section was developed on the campaign website, providing a space where participants could submit their own stories and/or experiences about respect in schools.

Direct Mailers/Packages

Custom-designed direct mailer packages were developed to send out to the membership, providing information about the campaign as well as other events and initiatives organized by the union.

The campaign increased awareness of the everyday challenges ots face in their workplaces, bringing the issue of respect into the spotlight. An ongoing effort, the campaign continues to garner increased traction and participation amongst fellow teachers and supporters.