Hands Off my Benefits

OCEU was up against a tough round of bargaining with the government. Facing a net zero mandate, the union was in need of an awareness campaign that would help educate its membership about the various concessions the union was facing bargaining table. Our creative team worked with OCEU to create a campaign - Hands Off My Benefits - which exposed the drastic concessions faced by both retirees and active members.

Strike Mailer

A personalized mailer was sent out to members, informing them of the concessions proposed by the WSIB and encouraging them to get involved in the campaign.


An informative animation was created to highlight the bargaining issues OCEU was facing.


To encourage the employer to return to the bargaining table, OCEU held a simultaneous demonstration across multiple worksites in Ontario. The rally demonstrated strength and solidarity amongst the entire OCEU membership.

OCEU’s membership responded positively to the campaign. The rally was successful with hundreds of members and supporters in attendance. Shortly after the campaign’s launch OCEU reached an agreement with the WSIB.