1 Play Away

The CFL Players’ Association was in need of an awareness campaign that would highlight the lack of health coverage available to pro football players who are regularly put in harm’s way as a requirement of their job. With a limit of 12 months of health coverage offered from the occurrence of an injury, CFL players rarely receive the rehabilitation needed to fully recover. Even worse, lifetime injuries and debilitating conditions acquired from years of rough contact on the field leave players without any options for recovery or aftercare. Union Marketing teamed up with the CFLPA to create a hard-hitting campaign that would draw awareness to the lack of health coverage offered to players, encouraging further action to be taken on the issue.

Campaign Development

Union Marketing worked with the CFLPA to create campaign messaging and imagery that would leave an impact. The campaign slogan - #1PlayAway - emphasized the uncertainty faced by players every game - that a life-changing injury could be just one play away.

Communication Initiatives

A series of social media posts and press releases were developed for the campaign, highlighting the possible devastating circumstances pro football players face as a reality of their jobs. Custom GIFs and social media images were developed to ensure maximum engagement online.

The campaign attracted the interest of the media, CFL players, supporters and officials of the Canadian Football League, prompting further discussion regarding the safety of players and the amount of health coverage required for adequate rehabilitation.