Toronto Education Workers

Social Media Campaign

With the provincial government and TDSB promising to slash jobs, the Toronto Education Workers were looking for a social media campaign that would provide awareness and education to the membership as well as garner further public support.

We conferred with TEW’s executive to determine suitable summaries for each job description. The approved job descriptions were matched up with custom-developed cartoon characters that reflected each job description and the overall membership demographic of the union.

We aimed to develop a social media campaign showcasing the various positions held by Toronto Education Workers within the public school system. The value of each position was meant to be shown through this campaign, encouraging the public to see the important work the Toronto Education Workers do to keep the public school system running smoothly.

Social media campaign posts are posted 2 – 3 times per week and feature various positions encompassed by TEW. The campaign has garnered support from members and the public, enhancing the local’s exposure in a positive way.


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