CUPE Local 2331

Calendar Handbook

The local was in need of a Calendar and Membership package to keep their members informed, engaged and connected.

The local provided information they wished to include in the calendar, such as information from the collective agreement, significant dates, events, policies and initiatives. Information was compiled by our creative writing team, highlighting areas of interest to the membership. Our design team developed and organized visually stimulating, easy-to-read layouts for the calendar, effectively highlighting important membership information. The calendar was developed in sync with a general membership package, which included information about the local’s new branding and login details for the new membership portal.

CUPE Local 2331 was looking to develop a customized calendar, showcasing the local’s new brand and important information for the members.

A vibrant calendar and membership package was developed for members, displaying significant information in an easy-to-read format. The calendar received a warm reception from the membership, prompting future interest in membership package/calendar development.


CUPE Local 2331

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