Local 1571

Local Branding

Local 1571 expressed a need to update their image in an effort to reinvigorate member and community involvement.

Our team developed full branding for the local, including a logo and visual design guidelines. The new branding was introduced in a membership package, along with a custom calendar/handbook, and was implemented on the local’s new website and membership email platform.

We worked as a team to develop a local-specific brand identity based on the vision of the local and their internal structure (their four classifications).

An overall identity was developed for Local 1571, representing the unique history of the local and its membership. Reflective of Local 1571’s four classifications, the logo allows for the local to be easily recognized through its design. In addition to giving the local an updated identity, our team also worked to develop an updated website for the local, providing a place for members to access important information at any time.


Local 1571

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