Campaign for Public Education

Anyone but Hudak

The Campaign for Public Education was seeking a way to fight back against a plan proposed by Tim Hudak to slash 100,000 public sector jobs.

Union Marketing met with OSBCC members to discuss how to best represent their classifications in scenarios relevant to the campaign. The advertisements portrayed how Hudak’s job cuts would affect new parents, seniors and children.

Our team showcased the pitfalls of Hudak’s campaign by portraying three possible negative outcomes/ scenarios through animation.

The advertisements were played on local television stations, including CP24, OMNI1, OMNI2 and City. The campaign had a big impact on the provincial election, contributing significantly to the downfall of Hudak’s 100,000 jobs campaign. With a majority vote, the Liberals reclaimed their leadership, and Tim Hudak stepped down from his position as provincial Conservative party leader.


Campaign for Public Education

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