2015 Annual Charity Picnic

CUPE Local 1571 and 2331

CUPE Local 2331 and 1571 were in need of assistance in planning the 2015 Annual Charity Picnic.

From its inception, the 2015 Annual Charity Picnic was a large undertaking. Our team assisted with the event planning process, determining event sponsors and volunteers, organizing logistics, and creating schedules. Assets were developed for the event, including a formal invitation, website RSVP forms, signage and more.

CUPE Local 2331 and 1571 were hoping to increase the attendance from the previous year’s event as well as raise additional funds for charity. Our team aimed to create separate picnic identities for each local, merging them together on all picnic assets for the purpose of bringing both locals together for the event.

With an attendance of over 550 attendees and total of $5,000 raised for charity, the event was deemed the most successful to date. The attendance from the 2015 Annual Charity Picnic beat out last year’s with over 5 X more members in attendance. CUPE Local 2331 and 1571 have received interest from two other York region locals who are interested in taking part in next year’s festivities.

A video showcasing the event was developed by our team to document the event’s success and encourage engagement for next year.


CUPE Local 1571 and 2331

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