Online Store

An online store for your union will provide members with quick, convenient access to union-branded products and apparel. Union Marketing creates custom designs for your union, and oversees all production, shipping, and maintenance of the online store. Gone are the days of complicated product ordering; you can have your union’s products at the click of a button. All products are Canadian union-made.


Custom Designs

  • Modern
  • Unique and fashionable
  • Reflect union values


  • Union-first focus
  • Support safe, fair-paying jobs
  • Canadian-made


  • Quality products
  • Quick turnaround
  • Unionized team

Union Identity

  • Strengthen brand recognition
  • Promote union campaigns
  • Reflect core messaging

Easy Ordering

Ensure a seamless experience for all members with our easy, step-by-step ordering process.


Engage members and union executives with an attractive and user-friendly platform for ordering union products and apparel.

Dynamic Designs

Reflect your union’s membership with a wide range of modern designs.

Increase Solidarity

Encourage members to showcase their union pride wherever they go.

Membership Engagement with an Online Store

Develop a stronger union identity and increased solidarity through the use of an online store. Leverage our services to optimize member experience and engagement.

  • Campaigns

    Utilize custom promotional products including apparel, accessories, flags, banners, and more to support union campaigns.

  • Union Software

    Employ online marketing techniques to inform members about your online store and new product releases. Track engagement and members reviews on your product offering online.

  • IT Services

    Our IT team will keep your online store secure, provide technical support, as well as track product and design trends through website analytics.

  • Print

    Our in-house manufacturing capabilities will efficiently create quality products for your online store. Union Marketing current innovative technologies to offer state of the art manufacturing and decoration.

  • Promotional Products

    Promote important union campaigns and show solidarity at union rallies and events with easily ordered promotional materials.

Why Union Marketing?

A union with stronger bargaining power

Give your bargaining committee a stronger voice through bargaining surveys, continuous updates and comprehensive grievance data analysis.

A more effective leadership

Think like a member and build credibility as leaders. Pave the road for the future of your union and realize the full potential of the labor movement.

Political influence

Inform your members about the positions of political parties around the issues that matter most to their jobs, families, and standard of living; help your members make more informed decisions and influence politicians to act.

A more informed & engaged membership

Is your union prepared to connect? Bridge the communication gap and encourage your members to participate through relevant, innovative and interactive technology.

Community support

Your union is embedded within its community. Build awareness of your union’s impact on the community’s social and economic well-being.

Social awareness

“If you want to achieve social change, our thoughts must be innovative and our actions revolutionary.”
– Shy Jacoby, President of Union Marketing