With National Aboriginal Day fast approaching, the time is now to begin pushing for awareness for the more than twelve thousand missing or murdered Aboriginal women across the country. CUPE Ontario is asking the government to step in and begin an inquiry on this topic. These are not problems limited to reservations, this is happening in multiple cities in Ontario and across Canada.

CUPE Ontario’s Stand Up For Fairness Campaign – For Missing And Murdered Aboriginal Women & Girls – is providing cards for locals and individuals to sign to stop the violence. We encourage all locals to not only sign these cards, but to take them home and get family and friends to join this cause as well. Once signed, return them to your local. Your local will send them to your MP’s so we may push for change. In the words of Sister Joanne “enough is enough!” We can and will make a difference!

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact CUPE Ontario at (905) 739-9739. cupeon.ca