Mobile Apps: Why Your Union Needs One

The number of mobile users in Canada is steadily increasing. In fact, the projected number of mobile users in Canada for 2017 was estimated at 29.8 million. And this number likely includes your union membership.

So how can you go about making the most of your membership’s frequent mobile use?

Since the mobile phone is the most used tech gadget (and a highly convenient go-to device), this makes it the ideal platform to use for communication and engagement. Mobile apps act as great all-in-one hubs that members can use to keep updated on pretty much everything that happens in their union – and the benefits don’t just end there!

With ample experience in the industry, Union Marketing has mastered app development, creating custom-designed mobile apps for unions that offer a wide range of features to keep members informed, connected and engaged.

Features can include:

  • notifications for official union updates;
  • an info area for exec contact information;
  • a built-in social media feed, featuring your union’s accounts;
  • personalized member access; and
  • searchable, digitized collective agreements,

and much more!

Contact our team to learn more about the numerous benefits that a customized mobile app can offer your union.