Mobile Apps: Engage on the go

Use your mobile phone often? It’s likely your members do too, so why not engage them on a device you know they’re already using?

With endless features and tools that are convenient and easy to use, mobile apps are quickly becoming the most popular emerging platform for unions. Whether you’re running a campaign, an event or are simply looking for a way to keep your members connected to their union, mobile apps offer an easy all-in-one solution to keep your members informed and engaged on the go.

With a custom app, you have the option to include a wide range of features for your members, such as:

  • instant form and document access;
  • a built-in union contact database;
  • instantaneous news updates and alerts;
  • personalized member login;
  • real-time member chat;
  • calendar access;
  • and much more.

Keep your members engaged at your next event by providing them with an app that will keep them updated and informed about the event schedule, speakers, attendees and more.

Running a campaign? App features can be developed based on your campaign goals.

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