Meet our new 3D Animator/Graphic Designer – Sandy John!

We recently welcomed a new staff member to our team! Say hello to Sandy John, our newest 3D animator and graphic designer!

Born and raised in Toronto, Sandy has always been an artist. Spending her free time dabbling in animation, web design, video editing, illustration and, finally, graphic design, Sandy knew her calling was in the creative industry.  After recognizing her passion, Sandy launched herself into her dream career, attending Max the Mutt Animation School in Toronto where she spent 3 years studying classical animation and another year studying 3D animation. Sandy explained why she enjoys working as a graphic designer.

“I suppose, for me, I enjoy the challenge of creating something new, yet keeping it simplistic,” she said. “… especially when it comes to logo designs – you need something to explain the company and what they do, yet be able to identify it. I think it’s a very important part of being a designer as it teaches you to enhance your skills.”

Even though she’s only spent a few months with the company, Sandy said she loves working at Union Marketing so far.

“I love it here at Union Marketing,” said Sandy. “I love the positive attitude within the office. Everyone knows how to work together to solve problems… when time is running short, we always come together to get the job done. It’s nice to come to work with less stress and a smile on your face. Plus, I get to work with some awesome people every day who have helped me learn and get better at what I do now.”

Sandy has worked on a variety of projects so far; however, her favourite project has been the cartoon characters she’s created for the Toronto Education Workers’ social media campaign.

“Not only do I design at Union Marketing, but I’m able to bring other skills of mine to the company,” said Sandy. “I create a character per week for the Toronto Education Workers to help showcase the various job titles encompassed under their union. It’s fun to be able to throw in my animation and drawing skills.”
In her spare time, Sandy says she enjoys watching Youtube videos and sculpting, which has become a major passion for her.

“Lately, I’ve come to realize I really enjoy sculpting. Ever since my first sculpture, I’ve been hooked on making more. Also, I think collecting figures has played a huge part behind this new found passion of mine.”

Even though she hasn’t thought much about her future in design (she prefers to let it fall into place), she said she’s excited for the opportunity to work with Union Marketing and is looking forward to future projects.

“I would just like to give a big thank you to everyone here at Union Marketing for giving me this opportunity,” said Sandy. “I feel so welcomed and at home here. I’ve learned a lot and am looking forward to developing my skills further. I also love being a member of a great union!”