DevOps Engineer

Information Technology
Posted 2 years ago

General Job Description:

A DevOps Engineer is an information technology (IT) professional who works with software developers, system operators (SysOps) and other production IT staff to software deployment and successful operation. The role calls for someone who has the necessary hard and soft skills that are required to overcome the traditional barriers between software development, testing, operation and infrastructure operation.



  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools
  • Ability to code and script
  • Experience with systems and IT operations
  • Comfort with with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
  • Strong grasp of automation tools
  • Data management skills
  • A strong focus on business outcomes
  • Comfort with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders


  • Must have minimum 1 years full-time position experience in IT support or system administration and minimum 2 years in web development
  • Must have deep understanding of complex networks
  • Advanced knowledge DNS and IP routing principals
  • Have an understanding and experience working with Linux based servers and workstations
  • Great communication skills and confidence in the field
  • Advanced ability to work in all Linux environments
  • Strong ability to acquire new knowledge/research and learn new technologies
  • Minimum 2 years of formal education in the field, specializing in IT management or web development Required Knowledge Candidate must be familiar with the following protocols: SMB, CIFS, NFS, AFP, ISCSI, DNS, IP, IPV6, LDAP, SIP Candidate must have knowledge of the following web development languages/technologies: PHP, MYSQL, MVC, APACHE, NGINX, BIND

Beneficial Skills:

  • Linux Shell scripting
  • Analytical skills
  • Cost analysis experience

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Job CategoryInformation Technology

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