Gamification: Leveling up your member engagement

With communication and technology constantly evolving, it has become increasingly important to use innovative means to capture and hold the interest of your members. At Union Marketing, we recommend gamification to keep your members informed and engaged.

But you may be wondering – what IS gamification?

Gamification is a concept that uses interactive content and games to communicate the core messaging of your campaign in an entertaining, attention-grabbing way. Through gamification, you can…

  • increase campaign engagement;
  • educate your members;
  • develop loyal advocates to spread word of your core campaign messaging; and,
  • strengthen the support of your campaign for the long-term.

How does gamification work?

Gamification creates ongoing interest from members by:

  • offering incentives, such as achievements and awards; and,
  • tapping into the competitive nature of individuals and their sense of play.

Union Marketing has successfully used gamification in numerous campaigns to achieve a high rate of success for our union clients.

How can your union use gamification?

Gamification can be utilized in many ways, one of which is in organizing drives. Through our custom-developed gamification platform, gamification can help your union to effectively educate prospective members and get them involved in the organizing process.

You can check out an example of gamification in action at This campaign has been considered the largest organizing drive in Canadian history!

Interested in finding out more about how gamification can engage your members? Contact us today for a consult.