Experience Your Campaign

Looking for ways to get your union’s members more engaged with your campaigns? Try experiential marketing!

Experiential marketing, also known as participation marketing, allows your members to physically interact with meaningful elements of your campaign. It’s a hands-on, tangible method of learning what your campaign is about.

What are the benefits of this method?

1. Memorable, positive experiences
Through direct interaction, members are able to gain a more solid understanding of your campaign, what it’s about and why it’s important, in a way that’s memorable and fun. A memorable experience will not only stay in the minds of your members for the long term, but can help them build a more positive connection with your organization.

For example, at one of your events, you can provide thematic campaign cut-outs for your members to take a photo with, or offer them a chance to win prizes by taking part in an educational game (allowing them to learn more about the campaign).

2. Increased advocacy
As opposed to just learning something about your campaign, your members become a part of it, participating in its advocacy. Through engaging members and encouraging them to talk about the campaign, you can easily garner exposure on a wider scale.

3. Easy integration with other marketing methods
While experiential marketing can be effective on it’s own, it is even more effective when used with other communication mediums. Integrating social media with your experiential campaign, for example, allows you to expand your reach online as well as offline, increasing the overall exposure of your campaign.

Contact Union Marketing today to learn more about the endless benefits experiential marketing can provide and how we can apply it to your union’s next campaign!