Direct Mail

One of the major advantages of direct mail is the ability to personalize messages. When you know more about your members, you can create mailers that address issues that are important to them. With the use of a reply envelope you can engage a wider demographic of your membership.

Automated Calling

When you consider the speed, scalability and potential reach of voice broadcast, it’s a highly cost effective platform. Voice broadcasting allows you to engage with people who aren’t technically literate, or are visually impaired. Many people prefer to communicate verbally.


A central hub to post news updates and content related to your local for both members and the general public to see. Track engagement from members and the general public based on page views, clicks, demographics, and more. These analytics will help you understand what the users are most interested in. Use these statistics to focus on topics to keep your members engaged and informed.

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool that allows unions to have important conversations with hundreds, if not thousands of members, potential members and supporters. No longer are unions reliant on the old forms of media (newspapers, television, radio), or on face-to-face conversations between organizers and workers. Social media allows for shared communication to be accessed by your members on the go.

Union Mail

Keeping track of your member’s most up to date and correct personal emails can be time consuming and nearly an impossible task. When sending out important union messages to your members using their personal emails delivery can not be assured due to spam filters. Union Mail solves this issue by providing each member of your union with their own email account ensuring 100% delivery of your message.

Members’ Portal

As a valuable extension of the website, Members’ Portal is a secure area for member specific information. Securely post items such as: newsletters, forms, collective agreements, seniority lists for all members. Analytical tools are extended from the website to track member specific engagement. Track which member has logged in and who hasn’t, along with which items are most important to them.

Online Marketing

In modern day times, people spend more of their time online than they do watching TV, reading print newspapers, and listening to the radio combined. An effective online media campaign will allow you to reach a greater audience for a lower cost per view, while providing rich analytics that can be used to improve future campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables targeting, segmenting, and tracking of messages at the individual level. Since it is easily scalable, the effort to send 1 or 100,000 emails is almost the same. The content can be customized to each target group in the database.

Online Engagement and Organizing

An online platform (website/application) that applies game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to adopt the campaign’s goals as their own.

Mobile Apps

An online platform (website/application) that applies game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to adopt the campaign’s goals as their own.