Direct Mail

One of the major advantages of direct mail is the ability to personalize messages. When you know more about your members, you can create mailers that address issues that are important to them. With the use of a reply envelope you can encourage two-way communication with your members.



  • Personalized
  • Multi-versioned
  • Materials
  • Randomized


  • Peel and reveal
  • Scratch & win
  • Activation codes
  • Survey


  • Targeted reach
  • Convenient
  • Direct reply/BRM (Business Reply Mail)
  • Luna integration

Canada Post Certified

  • Sorting
  • Stuffing/Sealing
  • Address Validation
  • Preferred postage rate


As a preferred vendor, we receive reduced rates which we pass on to our union clients.


From design to production and delivery, we handle all your direct mailing needs.


Expedite delivery and save money by pre-sort validation service.

2-Way Communication

Get valuable feedback from your membership with business reply mail.

Membership Engagement with Direct Mail

Develop a stronger connection with your members through use of the direct mail. Leverage our services to optimize member experience and engagement.

  • Campaigns

    Kickstart your campaign with a creative mailer.

  • Union Software

    Have more control over mailing through the use of Luna's direct mailing module.

  • IT Services

    Save money by utilizing our I.T. professionals to validate your distribution lists.

  • Print

    Utilize our in-house print shop to expedite your mail.

  • Promotional Products

    Enhance the impact of your mailer through the use of creative promotional products.

Why Union Marketing?

A union with stronger bargaining power

Give your bargaining committee a stronger voice through bargaining surveys, continuous updates and comprehensive grievance data analysis.

A more effective leadership

Think like a member and build credibility as leaders. Pave the road for the future of your union and realize the full potential of the labor movement.

Political influence

Inform your members about the positions of political parties around the issues that matter most to their jobs, families, and standard of living; help your members make more informed decisions and influence politicians to act.

A more informed & engaged membership

Is your union prepared to connect? Bridge the communication gap and encourage your members to participate through relevant, innovative and interactive technology.

Community support

Your union is embedded within its community. Build awareness of your union’s impact on the community’s social and economic well-being.

Social awareness

“If you want to achieve social change, our thoughts must be innovative and our actions revolutionary.”
– Shy Jacoby, President of Union Marketing