Union Marketing Hosts Its BEST Halloween Potluck Party to Date


celebrated our annual Halloween office potluck party October 31st this year. Learning from our “all dessert” menu last year, we decided to implement a sign-up system to ensure a variety of food items this time around. I can tell you – from firsthand experience – the new system worked like a charm. From homemade meatballs to gourmet pizza, there was something for everyone. But our Halloween party wouldn’t have been complete without, well… costumes! Just like our diverse food menu, the costumes our staff put together were diverse and unique.

Our president baffled everyone who dared enter his establishment with a very creepy take on a Wizard.

– something I have attempted to banish from my mind (unsuccessfully, I might add). Other costumes included a classic vampire (winning the annual costume contest), a pirate, and even a cow! The president’s children even got involved, dressing as Optimus Prime and Darth Vader respectively. This was definitely a highlight because, let’s face it, Halloween and kids is what it’s really all about.

Towards the end of the day, we got together to take a group photo. Between the jokes and cute factor, it was the perfect way to cap off what will go down in history as the best staff Halloween party to date.

Till next year!