At CUPE National’s Human Rights Conference, held last week in Winnipeg Manitoba, members discussed how a stronger labour movement can be built through the practice of equality.

CUPE Diversity Vice Presidents and National Human Rights Conference Co-Hosts Brian Barron and Yolanda McClean specified the need for CUPE members to take first steps.

“In every workshop and panel discussion, we have heard that CUPE members have the responsibility and power to bring about change,” states Barron in his conference summary. “We need this change to move forward as a union – in our workplaces and in our communities. Every step we make towards equality moves us closer to a powerful labour movement.”

“These are some of the gifts we’ve shared at this conference,” adds McClean. “Now it’s our responsibility to take these gifts forward and share them with others – our families, our locals and our communities.

The conference wrapped up with words of motivation from National Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Charles Fleury.

“The more we understand each other – the stronger we are,” said Fleury. “We will now go back to our communities and locals… Each time we read our CUPE Equality Statement at our union events, let’s remember the commitment we made this weekend. Let us recommit ourselves to standing up – to making a difference every day in all we do.”