Check out Anthony Aligaen, our live events coordinator, photographer and cinematographer!

Live Events Coordinator, Photographer and Cinematographer Anthony Aligaen is one of our most experienced and active staff members.

Migrating from the Philippines in 2008, Anthony attended the Seneca College of Applied Arts in Toronto where he studied corporate media production, eventually launching a rewarding career in event management.

Having been involved in producing and coordinating videos and events since he was 13 years old, Anthony has always been enthusiastic about event management, videography and photography.

Taking every opportunity he could to volunteer, Anthony quickly accelerated in the event management field, having even had the chance to fill in for the role of visuals director when he was volunteering at a conference.

“I developed my team leading skills to the point of where I became the visuals director for a conference, hosting over 17,000 attendees,” Anthony said. “Basically anything that showed on the LCD screens was my call.”

Anthony shared his favourite aspects of working in event production and documentation.

“You get to be creative, polish ideas, motivate and inspire people,” he said.

Having worked at Union Marketing for the past two years, Anthony said he’s never worked at a company more dedicated to fostering the growth of its employees.

“No previous employer has ever come close to Union Marketing,” he said. “I love my job here.”

One of Anthony’s favourite aspects of working at Union Marketing is having the unique opportunity to regularly collaborate with his co-workers.

“You get to brainstorm with different people who have different specializations,” said Anthony. “This type of brainstorming has allowed us to produce the best possible material for our clients.”

Since starting work at Union Marketing, Anthony has helped to manage, coordinate and document countless events.  However, Anthony’s favourite event (taking place just this year) was the CUPE Local 2331 picnic, where he was able to take a leadership role in planning and coordinating the entire event from scratch.

In the next few years, Anthony has plans to further develop and grow his department in an effort to provide even more creative and logistical services to clients who require event management and documentation. He said he also plans to further educate clients about the value of live events, photography and videography.

“Some of our clients don’t know how instrumental live events, photo and video are in terms of creating awareness, educating members and encouraging solidarity,” said Anthony. “Video, in particular, is one of the most used mediums for communication today.”

When asked what his biggest eccentricity was, Anthony said it’s his obsessive need to organize everything.

“I have the most organized office,” Anthony laughed. “No one even comes close.”

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys creating Gundam 3D models and playing volleyball. However, in everything he does – in his work and even his hobbies – Anthony regularly follows this specific mantra:

“I always try to make the impossible, possible,” he said.