Canada Day, previously known as Dominion Day, celebrates the anniversary of the British North America Act (enacted on July 1, 1867) which merged the colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the United Province of Canada into the country we know today.

Canada Day isn’t just the celebration of an anniversary – it’s a celebration of the many freedoms and opportunities we have as Canadians.

Over the past century, these freedoms have given us the opportunity to improve labour conditions in Canada, ensuring good benefits, fair wages and safe conditions for workers. They have also given us the ability to fight for equality, regardless of gender, culture or religion.

While Canada Day is a great day to recognize the anniversary of Canada’s birth, it’s not the only day to recognize Canada.

You can show your support by getting involved in federal and provincial elections, purchasing Canadian products and supporting Canadian jobs.

We’re lucky to live in this great country.

We’re proud to be Canadian!