Awareness Campaigns

OSSTF Safe Schools Now Campaign

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) Toronto Teachers needed a campaign to inform the community about serious safety/health issues affecting school staff and students. Our team worked with OSSTF on the campaign elements using print and social media to promote this message.

What My Education Worker Does Campaign

In response to potential job cuts and misinformation in the media, the Toronto Education Workers (TEW) aimed to develop a public awareness campaign. The focus of the campaign was to educate the public about the importance of ALL education workers within the Toronto District School Board. Union Marketing worked with TEW to create a campaign utilizing TV commercials, focussed on the honest perspectives school children have about their education workers.

In Your Neighbourhood Campaign

Faced with major concessions, CUPE 416 Waste Management employees went on strike in summer 2009. With Torontonians upset about the status of waste collection and negative stories of the strike surfacing in the media, CUPE 416 needed a PR campaign to reconnect with city residents. Our team set out to assist CUPE 416 in revamping its public image. The campaign focus was on the valuable services municipal workers provide to their residents.

Teamsters Campaign

Due to increased injuries and deaths on the job, the Teamsters (MWED) needed a campaign to highlight National Day of Mourning. We worked with the Teamsters rail division to develop campaign we named Don’t Turn Your Back to the Track. The goal of the campaign was to reinforce the importance of safety in the workplace and build union-wide solidarity.

Organizing Campaigns

Sign UP Campaign

Part-time college workers were faced with unfair work practices in Ontario colleges. OPSEU launched an organizing campaign with a focus on improving college workplaces. Using a wide range of communication initiatives, we exposed unfair practices and directed workers to platforms where they could sign up to the campaign. Along with OPSEU we were successful driving the largest organizing campaign in Canadian history.

Level UP Campaign

OPSEU needed a campaign that would entice college workers to engage with the organizing campaign – Sign Up. An interactive, online gaming platform and award system was developed by our team to inform and engage the full and part-time college workers.

Member Engagement Campaigns

Activity Book Campaign

CUPE 5167 representing the City of Hamilton municipal workers needed a campaign to engage and inform their members. We recommended an activity book as an engaging and interactive tool for the members and their families.

Bargaining Campaigns

BetterMac Campaign

CUPE Local 3906 was looking to develop a strike aversion campaign that would assist in informing members and the public about issues the local was facing at the bargaining table.

Coming Attractions Campaign

We wrote the story board for the animation with the help of ETT executive which highlighted the changes to the collective agreement.

Hands Off My Benefits Campaign

OCEU was up against a tough round of bargaining with the government. Facing a net zero mandate, the union needed an awareness campaign to educate their membership. Our creative team worked with OCEU to create a campaign – Hands Off My Benefits – which exposed the drastic concessions affecting both retirees and active members.