Automated Calling

Considering the speed, scalability and potential reach of voice broadcast, it’s a highly cost effective platform. Voice broadcasting allows you to engage with people who aren’t technically literate, or are visually impaired. Many people prefer to communicate verbally.



  • Call drop
  • Tele-polling
  • Town hall
  • Conferencing


  • Call answers
  • Airtime (duration)
  • Wrong/disconnected numbers
  • Do not call


  • CRTC compliant
  • Scheduling
  • Auto redial
  • High volume


  • Managed service
  • Real-time result
  • Quick setup
  • Call backs


Our telecommunication platform is fully compliant with the latest government & CRTC regulations.


With automated calling, you only pay for connected calls. Never over pay for your union calling.

Ease of use

Call in to record your message and we’ll take care of the rest.


Call specific distribution lists among your membership.

Membership Engagement with Automated Calling

Develop a stronger connection with your members through use of the automated calling. Leverage our services to optimize member experience and engagement.

  • Campaigns

    Reinforce your automated messages through creative online marketing.

  • Union Software

    Manage your distribution lists and reports with a Luna license.

  • IT Services

    Access our support staff to schedule, manage and report your automated calling needs.

  • Print

    Send out communication surveys to your entire membership for them to opt-in and receive important messaging by phone.

  • Promotional Products

    Telephone poll your members to inquire appropriate sizing and or preferences for promotional giveaways.

Why Union Marketing?

A union with stronger bargaining power

Give your bargaining committee a stronger voice through bargaining surveys, continuous updates and comprehensive grievance data analysis.

A more effective leadership

Think like a member and build credibility as leaders. Pave the road for the future of your union and realize the full potential of the labor movement.

Political influence

Inform your members about the positions of political parties around the issues that matter most to their jobs, families, and standard of living; help your members make more informed decisions and influence politicians to act.

A more informed & engaged membership

Is your union prepared to connect? Bridge the communication gap and encourage your members to participate through relevant, innovative and interactive technology.

Community support

Your union is embedded within its community. Build awareness of your union’s impact on the community’s social and economic well-being.

Social awareness

“If you want to achieve social change, our thoughts must be innovative and our actions revolutionary.”
– Shy Jacoby, President of Union Marketing