Do you need to call your membership to make an immediate announcement? Have an upcoming event you need your members to know about?

Communicating time-sensitive information to your members typically consists of gathering together numerous staff members to conduct individual calls to each member, utilizing a great deal of time and resources to get your message out there.

Why not try a more efficient solution?

Call-outs are a timely, cost-effective way to connect with your members, without losing the personal touch of direct calling. Gone are the days of robotic voices; our automated calling system allows for messages to be pre-recorded so that your members are greeted by a friendly voice. Want your members to hear a message straight from their President’s voice? We can make it happen!

Using our Automated Calling technology, you can record a customized message to reach thousands of your members at once, keeping them informed of the latest happenings in their union. Need help creating a call-out script? Our writers are experts in script writing!

At Union Marketing, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

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