Our Company

Union Marketing has worked on the front lines since 2001, building successful campaigns and effective communication solutions for unions.

Our services connect unions and union members to current issues. Our goal is to help create a positive image of unions and the labour movement and promote safe work environment in the workforce for present and future generations.

We understand how key effective communication can be in spreading awareness and increasing engagement amongst your membership and the community.

Our team has the skill-set and capacity to develop effective campaigns and solutions when bargaining, organizing and communication with union members.

Our Team

Our team consists of creative individuals with various skill-sets who work together to create innovative outside-the-box campaigns. We are designers, animators, IT specialists, programmers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, creative writers, event specialists and more. Our talented staff offers our clients a wide range of services, providing them with effective solutions to their organizational needs.

  • Shy Jacoby
    Shy Jacoby President
  • Rosario Marchese
    Rosario Marchese Consultant to the President
  • Cosmo Mannella
    Cosmo Mannella Consultant to the President
  • Tim Hirasawa
    Tim Hirasawa Chief Financial Officer
  • Omid Razavi
    Omid Razavi Vice President
  • Roman Pavlyk
    Roman Pavlyk Technical Director
  • Elena Jacoby
    Elena Jacoby HR/Operations
  • Ransford Rayner
    Ransford Rayner Print Shop Manager
  • Bella Nagra
    Bella Nagra Bookkeeper
  • Anthony Aligaen
    Anthony Aligaen Communication Manager
  • Adam Chow
    Adam Chow Web Developer
  • Vina Aligaen
    Vina Aligaen Sales Representative
  • Elisha Busby
    Elisha Busby Chief Editor
  • Errin Weatherup
    Errin Weatherup Interactive Media Writer
  • Nicolas Tejada
    Nicolas Tejada Graphic Designer
  • Jason Costa
    Jason Costa Field Journalist
  • Sandy John
    Sandy John Graphic Designer
  • Arnold Seloterio
    Arnold Seloterio Web Application Engineer
  • Mark J. Nicolas
    Mark J. Nicolas Web Developer
  • Liviu Tabacaru
    Liviu Tabacaru Graphic Designer
  • Zachary Skalin
    Zachary Skalin Web Developer
  • Edward Pigulski
    Edward Pigulski Support Technician
  • Edwin Yang
    Edwin Yang Graphic Designer
  • Kirill Blagodatnykh
    Kirill Blagodatnykh Web Developer
  • Darwin Marcelo
    Darwin Marcelo Production Assistant

Our Union

In order to reflect our company’s commitment to the union values of fairness and equity, Union Marketing unionized as CUPE Local 5277 in 2013. Senior management encouraged and supported the right of workers to form a union. This created a stronger relationship with our staff and client base.

As union members, our staff has a unique understanding of union culture and issues surrounding the labour movement. This allows us to provide clients with the services that are most effective in cultivating an engaged membership.

Learn more about CUPE Local 5277 – Union Marketing Employees.